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River Ridge East strives to make your stay as comfortable and supported as possible. You will receive the best care from our knowledgeable and experienced midwives. Our staff will work alongside you and your midwife throughout your whole pregnancy journey and cater your stay to your individual needs. 

Each of our postnatal rooms are furnished with a height-adjustable electric double bed, an armchair, en-suite bathroom, fridge, tea and coffee making facilities and single bed sized window seat. On arrival, the staff midwife will orientate you to our facility and show you to your room.  In your room you will also find a few items to get you started. Some nappies for baby, sanitary pads, some samples of recommended products for mum and baby (and other goodies we have available from time to time!) and information to read if you wish.

You can expect nothing but the highest quality care when staying at River Ridge East. The regulatory requirements for a birth centre are equally strict as for a public hospital. Health and Disability Sector Standards are met and we are regularly audited. Infection Control, Health and Safety, and practice guidelines from the District Health Board are monitored for compliance.

You are more than welcome to have a support person stay with you for your postnatal care at River Ridge East. Additional visitors are allowed within the regulated visiting hours.

Partners 8am – 8pm

Other Visitors 10am – 8pm

While we welcome visitors during our Visiting Hours, River Ridge East Birth Centre also has a Quiet Time program in place. Quiet Time is specifically created to allow new parents to rest, eat, bond with baby and learn about infant care and feeding. During Quiet Time our staff midwives (and LMCs) have the opportunity to provide uninterrupted essential care, support and education.

Our Quiet Time is every morning, till 1pm.

Quiet Time helps to decrease fatigue, increase bonding and allow new parents to become familiar with baby’s feeding cues.

We ask all visitors to honour this special time for the new parents and baby, and to please keep their visit short and between the hours of 1pm and 8pm. As always, visitors are asked to check with the new parents prior to arriving, when thinking about coming for a visit.


Equipping pregnant women and their partners with the recourses needed for a safe and comfortable pregnancy.

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