Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours are 10am – 8pm.

Having many visitors can be very tiring. If you wish to limit the number of visitors, please advise the staff midwife and reception.

While we welcome visitors during our Visiting Hours, River Ridge East Birth Centre also has a Quiet Time program in place. Our Quiet Time initiative is specifically created to allow new parents to rest, eat, bond with baby and learn about infant care and feeding. During Quiet Time our staff midwives (and LMCs) have the opportunity to provide uninterrupted essential care, support and education.

Our Quiet Time is every morning, till 1pm.

Quiet Time helps to decrease fatigue, increase bonding with baby and allows new parents to become familiar with baby’s feeding cues.

When planning a visit, we ask all visitors to consider this special time for the new parents and baby, and to keep their visit short and between the hours of 1pm and 8pm if possible. As always, visitors are asked to check with the new parents prior to arriving.


River Ridge East Birth Centre offers a warm, comfortable and homely environment for parents to welcome their new baby. Highly skilled midwives and well-equipped facilities ensure you and your family receive safe, comprehensive care and support throughout your maternal journey.

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