Midwives are specialists in pregnancy and childbirth. They complete a three or four year degree known as the ‘Bachelor of Midwifery’ in order to gain the knowledge, skills and experience they need to provide safe and professional midwifery care. Midwives practice in different settings. They work in the community and provide birth care at home, in maternity facilities including River Ridge East Birth Centre, and in hospitals. Midwives provide free maternity care to all eligible women in New Zealand and over 75% of women today have a midwife as their Lead Maternity Carer (LMC).

LMC Midwives work in partnership with pregnant women, and their support person/partner, as well as the midwives employed by the birth centre. An LMC midwife’s job is to ensure that the pregnant woman receives the care that best suits her individual needs.

At River Ridge East Birth Centre, we have a number of LMC midwives who have their clinic rooms in the building adjacent to the Birth Centre. Click on the names below to read more information about these midwives.


Anna-Lena Tews
Amanda Liu
Alana Mayall
Danielle Smith
Debbie Fawcett
Emma Giles
Fiona Hermann
Gaye Davis

Heather Hames
Isabel (Izzy) Horne
Jo Simpson
Julia Harney
Julie Jessen
Karin Bettley

Katrina Winter
Kirstin Rouse
Leanne Mackie
Michele Lord
Michelle Kingston-White
Marissa MacPherson
Natasha Davidson

Nicky Brown
Nicole Baker
Paris Kingston-White
Rachael Thomas
Rhiannon Leach
Rachael Harris
Stacey Foster
Summer Campbell
Sonia Kerr
Tina Gillies
Toni Constable
Xuemin(Min) Zhong
Zahra Brogden

https://www.findyourmidwife.co.nz/midwives/waikato is an easy and helpful website you can use to find a midwife that suits your individual needs. The filtering tools allow you to search for midwives in your area by preference of ethnicity, preference of spoken languages and preference of delivery location/facility. Each midwife has a blurb about their experience as a midwife and what they value as an LMC. 

Once you have found a midwife that is available for your due date and suits your preferences, you can either contact them directly or fill out a form through the find your midwife website to express your interest in their services.

Maternal Instinct

Anna-Lena Tews

Gita Fromont

Babies R Us


River Ridge East Birth Centre offers a warm, comfortable and homely environment for parents to welcome their new baby. Highly skilled midwives and well-equipped facilities ensure you and your family receive safe, comprehensive care and support throughout your maternal journey.

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