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River Ridge East Birth Centre is proud to operate in a region where more than a quarter of all births occur in a Primary Birth Facility. Ministry of Health data shows that birthing at a Primary Birth Facility improves outcomes for women and babies, reduces the need for intervention and results in more positive birth experiences. Giving birth at a Primary Birth Facility is safe, fully supported with necessary equipment and trained staff, and less stressful for the soon-to-be-parents and baby.

If a situation arises that requires you to transfer to Waikato Hospital, we are located just a short drive away. Your midwife will arrange for, and accompany you to the hospital via a free ambulance if necessary. You are then able to transfer back to River Ridge East Birth Centre for your postnatal care.

The River Ridge East team can offer information and services to help you along your pregnancy journey including antenatal classes for you and your support person. Our Antenatal Classes are delivered by very knowledgeable and experienced practicing midwives, in a relaxed and informal way.

Our staff take pride in always ensuring clients of all cultures feel welcome and comfortable at River Ridge East. We offer a range of services and options to cater to traditions and customs that our clients may require during and after birth. 

River Ridge East has an onsite chef who cooks fresh, nutritious meals daily and bakes delicious treats for the new mother. This includes, for afternoon tea, a tasty lactation slice to support and encourage breast milk production. Large, filling meals are available 24/7, even if you arrive at 2am in the morning, we will have a nutritious meal here for you!

Our high quality meals are delectable, healthy and can be adapted to meet dietary or cultural needs. Vegetarian, gluten free, egg free, dairy free and halal options are all available from the River Ridge East kitchen.  

Each day during your stay you will be provided with a daily menu to choose from, including complimentary breakfast (for you and your support person) and a three-course lunch and dinner of your choice. Dinners are also available for your support person upon request for a fee of $15 and must be ordered at reception by midday.


Equipping pregnant women and their partners with the recourses needed for a safe and comfortable pregnancy.

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