River Ridge East Birth Centre midwifery clinics

Choose an LMC who makes you feel comfortable and confident, is easy to talk to, will enable you to make informed choices about your maternity care, and will respect and support the choices you make. 

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Anna-Lena Tews


Kia ora, my name is Anna-Lena Tews. 

I’ve been a Midwife since 2007 and my philosophy reflects a holistic approach while providing safe, professional, empowering and woman/whānau orientated care.

Throughout my midwifery career I’ve supported women and their families in all kinds of birthing environments – at home, in birthing centres and in hospitals, both in New Zealand and overseas.

My role as a Midwifery Supervisor in several developing countries has not only confirmed my belief in natural births, but has also taught me immense skills to support you and your family in any circumstance.

Since 2010 I’m a fully trained Maternity Acupuncturist which accompanies alternative treatment options for you.

I’m a proud Mama of a gorgeous wee little girl and live with my family in Hamilton.


Gita Fromont


I love being a midwife, and it shows in my interactions with those women
who choose me as their midwife. You’ll find that I’m passionate about
partnering with, and supporting women and their partners, as they set
out upon what will be their own very individual journey from pregnancy to
parenthood. I’m also deeply committed to safe practice, and to working
collaboratively, when this becomes necessary, with specialist medical
practitioners. My primary goal is to ensure that you and your baby
receive the best possible care and support during your pregnancy and
birth experience.
My clinic is upstairs in the River Ridge Midwives Hub, and to see if I’m
the right midwife for you, you can reach me between 9am and 6pm,
Monday to Friday, on mobile 027 3033018.

Babies R Us Midwives


Babies R Us Midwives are based at the Midwives Clinics at River Ridge East Birth Centre

The Babies R Us Midwives are a group of very experienced midwives that love what they do!


Equipping pregnant women and their partners with the recourses needed for a safe and comfortable pregnancy.

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