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Birthing Facilities

Birthing FacilitiesBirth Rooms
We offer four fully equipped birth rooms, each with an adjoining en-suite, equipped to ensure mother and child safety, and designed to offer a relaxed and calming environment. Rooms feature dimmable lights to add to a peaceful ambience, and a wide choice of birth equipment, such as the birthing pools for water birth or pain relief, birthing slings, birth stools, bean bags, or Swiss balls.

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Postnatal Rooms

Following the birth, you can relax in one of the warm, comfortable postnatal rooms and get to know your baby. The postnatal rooms have individual ensuites and soft, soothing décor. The environment is designed to provide a restful atmosphere and enhance the wellbeing of your newborn baby and you.

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Birthing FacilitiesDelectable, healthy, multicultural: we are continually complimented on our high quality food. You will be provided with a daily menu to choose from, including complimentary breakfast (for you and your support person) and a three-course lunch and dinner of your choice. A microwave is available.

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Visiting Hours

Partners 8am-8pm
Other Visitors 10am- 8pm

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Contact us

P: 07 839 0425
F: 07 839 0419
A: 35 Von Tempsky Street, Hamilton East Hamilton 3216