River Ridge East Birth Centre, a brand new, purpose-built facility, was opened on Christmas Day 2002. The site in Von Tempsky Street especially chosen for it’s central location, as well as short distance from Waikato Hospital. The original concept for a primary birthing centre was devised back in 1992, following National-led government health reforms – it took three years, but in 1995, the contract to establish a Primary Birthing Facility was approved and signed.

There has been steady growth in the demand for primary birthing in Hamilton. Over the last five years, River Ridge East Birth Centre has supported more than 2,500 primary births, and has provided over 6,000 postnatal stays for new mothers, partners and their newborn baby.

The regulatory requirements for a birth centre are equally as strict as for a public hospital. River Ridge East staff must ensure Health and Disability Sector Standards are met and are regularly audited to check. Infection Control, Health and Safety, and practice guidelines from the District Health Board are also monitored regularly for compliance.


River Ridge East Birth Centre offers a warm, comfortable and homely environment for parents to welcome their new baby. Highly skilled midwives and well-equipped facilities ensure you and your family receive safe, comprehensive care and support throughout your maternal journey.

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