Breastfeeding Clinic Online Booking Form

Breastfeeding Clinic Online Booking Form

Hamilton Breastfeeding Centre supports, enables and encourages mothers to maintain long term breastfeeding of infants.

The Hamilton Breastfeeding Centre, supported by the Hamilton Breastfeeding Trust, community agencies and by River Ridge East Birth Centre, aims to promote the continuity of breastfeeding, widely recognised as enhancing the wellbeing of both mothers and babies.

We provide a relaxed, one-on-one, personalized breastfeeding counselling service. Centre consultations are free to all breastfeeding mothers who have accessed River Ridge East Birth Centre for the birth and/or postnatal services and who are experiencing challenges with breastfeeding their baby.

Benefits and Challenges of Breastfeeding

It is acknowledged worldwide that breast milk is the best nutrition for babies. It is normal that many mothers find establishing and maintaining breast feeding in the early months to be more difficult than expected. Unexpected challenges may arise which, without adequate support, breastfeeding counselling and advice from breast feeding health professionals, may cause her to wean her baby too early. Many challenges associated with breastfeeding can be overcome with time, patience and the right advice and support.

Contact the Breastfeeding Centre if you are experiencing any of these problems when breastfeeding:

         Cracked and sore nipples
         Pain or discomfort
         Recurrent infections/thrush
         Supply problems
         Attachment problems
         Inverted nipples
         Breast surgery & breast reduction implants
         Breastfeeding a premature baby or fussy baby

The Hamilton Breastfeeding Centre accepts referrals by GP, Obstetrician, Midwife, Plunket or any community agency. If we diagnose further concerns, we can provide referrals to a GP, physio, social worker, mental health services, lactation consultants at Waikato Womens Hospital (secondary care) or Plunket.


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