Water Birth

Water Birth

Support in water is one of the most beneficial things that can be offered to a woman in labour, providing a calming influence and a peaceful relaxed atmosphere. Women report that they enjoy their labours and find the water allows complete freedom of movement.

A birth pool in a birth room immediately changes the atmosphere. Voices become softer, the mother remains calm and all involved become less stressed. The effect that buoyancy deep water immersion creates allows spontaneous movement of the mother, without the need for assistance; she moves as her body and the position of the baby dictate, also helping open the pelvis, allowing the baby to descend.
When a woman in labour relaxes in a warm deep bath, free from gravity’s pull on her body, with sensory stimulation reduced; her body is less likely to secrete stress-related hormones. This allows her body to produce the pain inhibitors: endorphins that complement labour. Noradrenaline and catecholamine, the hormones that are released during stress, actually raise the blood pressure and can inhibit or slow labour.
A labouring woman who is able to relax physically, is able to relax mentally as well. Many women, midwives and doctors acknowledge the analgesic effect of water and thousands of water birth mothers state they would never consider labouring without water again.


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