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Care & Classes

River Ridge East Birth Centre provides a welcoming environment and maternity service for everyone. Access to River Ridge East Birth Centre is for women who are having normal births from the wider Waikato area. Postnatal care is also provided to women who have delivered in a secondary hospital, including those who have had a caesarean section.

In addition to birth and postnatal support, we also provide, free of charge, a breastfeeding centre for advice and support to promote long-term breastfeeding, a consultant paediatric service, ionizone treatment, newborn hearing screening, safety check for car seat and administrative support for LMC midwives.

Breastfeeding Centre

Hamilton Breastfeeding Centre supports, enables and encourages mothers to maintain long term breastfeeding of infants.

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Pregnancy Yoga

Prepare for labour and birth, and learn relaxation techniques to unwind your body and mind, giving you time to take deep breaths and focus on yourself and baby.

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Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes provide expectant mothers and their partners, confidence in the experience of pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenting. River Ridge East Birth Centre is currently developing a suite of antenatal classes, hosted by a number of providers. 

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Paediatrician, Hearing Screening and Car Seat Safety Checks

We have a visiting Paediatrician at River Ridge East Birth Centre.  Your LMC can refer you for a check-up if necessary.

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A: 35 Von Tempsky Street, Hamilton East Hamilton 3216